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Our Signature Tour designed to be your dream Tuscan Vacation. This new tour delivers the very best of Tuscany with exclusive shopping excursions and more.  Indulge in this first-of-its-kind program where you’ll enjoy wine, food, and fashion culture, including some of the best kept shopping secrets; from artisan workshops to designer outlets all guided by our expert guides and unparalleled connections. 


An immersion into the art and culture of Italian fashion, our Florence program is the perfect travel experience for industry experts and/or those whom are truly passionate about history and Italian Fashion design. This program is crafted from a personalized one-on-one consultation and is entirely unique as no two travelers will ever experience the exact same agenda. 


Visit Miami's emerging fashion scene including global luxury brands in one of the newest international designer neighborhoods. Visit up and coming designers and local artisans with access to items exclusive only to Couturista. Explore and shop the new Miami and it's captivating plethora of settings during this new and exclusive 5-day vacation package.


The nestled-away town of San Miguel de Allende is rated Condé Nast’s top pick for refined traveling and shopping. Originally an artisan colony, the timeless traditions live on today and is more upscale than ever. San Miguel de Allende boasts the largest number of artists and artisans per capita than any other city in the world. Join us in experiencing this romantic,  artistic city and enjoy our  unique shopping experience curated for the senses.