Prison Art Tote

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IMG_5841_CouturistaTravel_PrisonArtPurse_San Miguel de Allende.jpg

Prison Art Tote


Prison Art was founded in Mexico as a non-profit company a few years ago. It finds talented men and women that are in jail and teaches them the art of tattooing on leather and other craftsmanship that they can then employ once they are released from prison as a way of earning a living - such as tattoo artists and artisans.

The proceeds from this company go to helping the relatives of the prisoners and other rehabilitation programs once the artists/prisoners are back in free society.

Each one of their pieces is unique - as they are not made in a factory, and amazingly, the quality of the craftsmanship is as good as any luxury brand anywhere in the world.

This is luxury on a mission!

This particular purse has a beautiful image of the ultimate Couturista on it.

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The San Miguel Collection

This beautiful colonial village in central Mexico has a tradition of art and artisan practice going back centuries and is, in fact, a true Artist colony. The quality of leather work and textiles is evident in these unique pieces that Couturista has curated for you. These items were designed and/or made in the area around San Miguel which, in our humble opinion, is one of the most beautiful colonial towns in Mexico.

Let these unique discoveries whet your appetite to travel to San Miguel de Allende on our next Couturista travel vacations there!